Find Waste Management Pickup Schedule in Your Area Online

Waste Management pickup schedule – This is a “how-to” guide to find the WM trash pickup schedule in your area using the WM website without logging in.

One of the biggest challenges to protecting our environment from disasters is waste management. The growth of waste generation increases with the development of the world. Waste Management is the process of effectively handling waste by collecting, transporting, processing, recycling, or disposal of waste materials from residential as well as industrial sectors.

As the name suggests, Waste Management, Inc. (WM) is a company that provides collection, transfer, recycling, and disposal services. They are also a leading developer, operator, and owner of waste-to-energy and landfill gas-to-energy facilities in the United States.

Knowing exactly when the waste collectors are coming to your location is just as important as managing the waste. It will help you collect the waste accurately and deliver it to the waste management company on time. This article is going to tell you how to know the garbage pickup schedule of Waste Management (WM) in your area online.

Find Waste Management (WM) Pickup Schedule as a Guest Without Logging In

There is no need to log in to the website of WM – using a username and password to know the trash pickup schedule of Waste Management (WM). You can find the garbage pickup schedule as a guest easily. For this, follow the below link to go to the  “View Schedule” page of the WM website.

Go to WM Trash Pickup Schedule Finder

Waste Management Pickup Schedule

There are two ways to find the WM pickup schedule. They are,

  1. Finding Waste Management pickup schedule by service address
  2. Finding the garbage pickup schedule by WM customer-id

Finding WM Trash Pickup Schedule by Service Address

To find the schedule by your address, select “service address” from the dropdown list first. Then type the first few letters of your address. A dropdown will appear with a list matching the letters you typed. Select your address from the list. After selecting, click Verify to proceed.

Finding the Garbage Pickup Schedule by Waste Management (WM) Customer ID

If you remember your WM customer id, select “Customer ID” from the dropdown, type your WM customer ID and click Verify to go to the next step.

Find WM Trash Pickup Schedule

You can now see the next day wm is scheduled to come to your area to collect the waste under the label “Next Pickup”.


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