How to Check Poynor Community WSC Water Bill Payment Status

Poynor is a town located in southeastern Henderson County, Texas, US. Poynor Community Water Supply Corporation is the water supply provider of the town. You can pay your water bill online using their website. If you want to check the bill payment status, it is also possible through their website.

How to check Poynor Community WSC Payment Status Online

To check Poynor Community WSC water bill payment status, first of all, you need to go to the bill payment page on the website. You can use the link below to go to the bill payment page.

Go to the Poynor Community WSC bill payment page to check the payment status

Poynor Water Bill Payment


On the bill payment page, click Pay Your Bill Now.


Poynor Community WSC Bill Payment Status


On the next page, type your Poynor WSC account number and click Find Now.


Poynor Water Bill Payment Status Check

You can see your account details including your name, address, and due amount on the next page.

If the amount to pay is zero, it means your bill is already paid. Otherwise, you owe money to Poynor Community WSC and you can proceed with the payment by clicking the “Pay Now” button.

How to Subscribe to Text and E-mail Alerts from Poynor Community WSC

Poynor Community WSC provides different kinds of text and e-mail alerts to its consumers who are subscribed to the alerts. Subscribing to the alerts is a simple process.

Click the Sign up for alerts button on the right sidebar.

Poynor WSC Alert Subscription


A pop-up window will appear, fill up your name, e-mail, and cell phone number, then click Subscribe.


Poynor WSC SMS and E-mail Alerts

After completing the subscription process, you will get news, projects, and different types of alerts from Poynor community WSC.

Poynor Community WSC Bill Payment Options

The easiest way to pay your Poynor water bill is using the online bill payment service on the website of Poynor WSC. Apart from that, you can make the payment using other methods too.

Available Payment Methods

  • Paying online
  • Paying by mail
  • Automatic bank draft
  • Paying in person
  • Payment through banks

The payment mailing address is,

Poynor Community WSC
P.O. Box 228
Poynor, TX 75782


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