8 Easy Tips to Reduce Your Cable Bill

Have you ever thought about terminating the service after reading your bill? This is the thought that comes to the mind of everyone when reading the payable amount if it is high. Ever tried to sort out the reasons behind the increased bill amount? or did you pay the money without any problem? Please try to relax and think about common things that usually cause the hike.

Increased Cable Bill Reasons

What are the common reasons behind the increase in your cable bill?

  • Have you been using a promotional offer until last month? The expiration of that offer might be a reason behind the increase.
  • In the past month, did you ever tried to add more channels to your package and forgotten it?
  • Are you using an internet plan in which data transfer is limited? You might have exceeded the limit.
  • Are you using a rental modem? Increased rent might be the cause.
  • Is there any change happened in the tax structure recently? That also could be the reason.

These are some common things that happen to everyone. The list is not complete, just wrote some randomly.

Reduce Your Cable Bill

How to reduce your cable bill if it is high? 

Understand what’s what

The first thing you have to do is to call customer service and inform them about the increase in your bill. Ask them about the different services of which the charges are included in your final amount. Let them explain those things you have asked. After that, think about those different services, If something you subscribed to and remained unnoticed is there, ask them to terminate that thing.

Use your loyalty as a long-term customer

Ask the customer service executive to connect to the customer retention department. If you have been their customer for a long period, tell the executive that, and ask him to reduce the bill considering the loyalty.


If you are using a high-end internet plan, which offers a high data transfer rate and you do not need that much speed for your use, ask him to downgrade to a plan with a slower speed.

Get rid of unwanted things

Browse through all the channels you are receiving from start to end. Select the ones you newer watch, and ask the customer service executive whether it is possible to remove those channels from your subscription and reduce the fee. If possible, tell him to do it, otherwise, ask them to downgrade the plan which contains only the channels you like to watch.

Go Unlimited

Change your internet connection plan from limited to unlimited. If you are using the internet beyond the allowed limit and that caused the increase, it will help.

Use your own device

Buy a new modem and use your own instead of a rental. The cost will cover in less than a year as you are not paying the rent.

Go long term

Some cable companies offer long-term plans with discounts, ask them whether you are eligible for those discounts if you select a long-term plan. If possible, change the monthly billing plan to a long-term one.

Ask around

Discuss this with your friends and neighbors, some of them might be found some ideas. If you think it is practical, use those ideas to reduce your cable bill.


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