How to Find Your Georgia Power Account Number

How to find your Georgia Power account number? Georgia Power account number is a unique number that GA Power uses internally to identify your specific account. It is a 10-digit number. It is your identification number, used most commonly for purposes related to billing. If somehow you lost or forgot your Georgia Power account number, you can recover it in some easy steps. Here are the steps for retrieving it.

Finding GA Power Account Number in a Printed Bill

If you have a printed bill in your hand, it is easy to locate the account number on it. It will be there on the top side of the bill. Please refer to the below image.

Georgia Power Bill

How to Find Georgia Power Account Number Online

If you forgot your GA Power account number, you can find it online using the official website of GA Power – . For looking up your account info, you need to go to the registration page of the GA power website.

Follow the below link to go to the GA Power website.

Go to GA Power Account Lookup

Find Georgia Power Account Number Online

There are three ways to look up your GA power account through the website. They are

  1. Finding GA Power account using personal info.
  2. Find using e-mail
  3. Find using bill info

Looking Up Georgia Power Account Using Personal Info

For this, you have to fill in some of your personal information first. The required details are,

  1. First name initial
  2. Last name
  3. Last 4 digits of the SSN
  4. Zip code

After typing all the required details, click Lookup Account.

Georgia Power Find Account Number

You can now see your account details.

Finding Your Account Using E-mail Registered With GA Power

The only thing you need to find your account number using this method is your e-mail id. Type your e-mail id first and click Lookup Account.

You will receive the details of your account in the registered e-mail id.

GA Power Find Account Number

Find Your Account Number By Contacting GA Power Customer Service

If you still can’t find your account number, then you can contact GA Power customer service by phone or by chat. From here, you’ll be able to ask them for your account number provided that you give them some more information about yourself.

Georgia Power Customer Service Details

Residential customer service number: 1-888-660-5890

Business customer service number: 1-888-655-5888

Customer service chat: Go to the contact us page

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