Baltimore City Water Bill Lookup – Find Your Account Online

Baltimore is one of the major shipping ports in the United States. It is the most populous city in the state of Maryland. Department of public works bears the responsibility to supply water to the residents of Baltimore city. There is a water bill lookup facility is provided on the Baltimore city services website – You can use it for the Baltimore water bill lookup online without logging in.

Baltimore City water bill lookup – Search water bill by address or account number

If you know your Baltimore water account number, you can view your water bill details using your account number without logging in to your city services account. Otherwise, you can find your account number and water bill details using your street address. Follow the below link to visit the water bill inquiry page on the city services website.

Go to city of Baltimore water bill search page

It will redirect you to the water bill lookup page, you can find your water bill details using this page.


Viewing the City of Baltimore water bill online using the account number


Baltimore City Water Bill Lookup


Type your account number and click on the ” Get info ” button. If the account number you have typed is correct, you can view your metered water bill details like in the below image.


Baltimore Water Bill Details


Finding the metered water bill online without an account number using the street address


Water Bill Inquiry


You can find your water bill details even if you don’t know your account number. For this, on the water bill lookup page of the Baltimore city services website, type your street address and click on the ” Get info ”  button.


Water Bill List


You can now see a list of addresses with the street address you have typed. Find yours from the list and click on the account number to view your water bill details.

Can I pay my Baltimore water bill online?

Yes, you can. There is a button below your water bill details to make the payment. After viewing your water bill, click on the ” Pay Online ” button to make the payment. You can do the payment without even logging in to your account on the Baltimore city services website.

What payment methods does Baltimore city services accept?

Currently, they accept payments through credit cards and checking accounts. Please do remember, they will charge a small amount as fees if you pay your Baltimore water bill using credit cards.


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