Sprint Express Pay – How to Pay Sprint Phone Bills Without Logging In?

Sprint Express Payment: This is the fastest way to pay Sprint PCS phone bills online. This is a one-time guest payment service which you can use for doing the bill payment without logging in to your Sprint account.

If you know either one of the below details, you can do the quick payment of Sprint bill online using the guest payment service,

  • Your Sprint phone number
  • Your Sprint account number


How to Quick Pay Sprint Bill Online Through Sprint Express Pay

The one-time payment service is available on the official website: https://www.sprint.com. Follow the below link to go to the page.

Go to Sprint Express Pay

Sprint Express Pay Online

On the guest pay page,

  1. Type your Sprint phone number or Sprint account number.
  2. Then type the amount you want to pay.

Sprint Quick One Time Pay

After that, you need to fill up your card details,

  1. Type your card number
  2. Card expiration date
  3. CVV
  4. Your ZIP code
  5. Your e-mail id

After filling up all the details, you can proceed to the payment by clicking the Submit Payment button. It will redirect you to the next steps of payment on the payment page of your card. You can complete the payment on the payment page of your card. You will get a confirmation e-mail on your e-mail inbox and a confirmation text message on your mobile number after finalizing the payment.

Can I pay someone’s Sprint cell phone bill online?

Yes, you can pay someone else’s sprint bill online if you know your Sprint phone number or Sprint account number. You can use the express pay service to do the payment online.

What is the grace period for Sprint phone bills?

The grace period to pay Sprint bills is 10 days. That is you will get 10 days from the due date of your bill.

Can I use a gift card to pay my Sprint bill using express pay?

Yes, you can use a prepaid gift card such as Visa prepaid card for paying your Sprint bills. For doing this, simply fill-up the gift card details such as card number, expiry, etc. after filling up your mobile number or account number and click Submit Payment.

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