How to View and Download SEWA Billl Online Without Logging in?

This is a detailed guide to do SEWA bill enquiry/bill check online. View, print and download Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority bill duplicate copy online.

Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority is a government-owned utility company.  They generate and distribute electricity, water, and natural gas to residents of the Sharjah Emirate. They provide their service to approximately 2 million consumers.

Viewing SEWA Bill Online

Every consumer of SEWA can check their utility bill online at the official portal of Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority – without logging in or registering. Account ID is the only thing needed for bill inquiry online.

1) Follow the below link to visit the SEWA bill enquiry page on the official website.

Go to SEWA Bill Check

In the bill inquiry page, for viewing your utility bill, you have to fill up your account ID.

SEWA Bill Enquiry
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2) After filling up your account id, click Check button below.

You will be redirected to another page. In this page, you can view your current balance, current month paid amount and last receipt date.

3) For viewing a detailed bill, click the View button.


A new pop up window will be displayed. You can view your detailed utility bill in the new window.

Printing SEWA Utility Bill

For printing the bill, click the Print button on the top (Picture of a printer)


Downloading SEWA Utility Bill in PDF Format

For downloading, click the Download button on top (Picture of down arrow). Your bill will be downloaded to your computer. There is one more way to download your SEWA utility bill. If you are using google chrome to view your bill, then click the Print button.

On the next window, select Save as PDF as destination, then click Save. 

Select a location on your computer to save your utility bill and click Save. Your bill will be downloaded to the selected location in PDF format.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact SEWA customer service?

The easiest way to contact SEWA customer service is by calling their phone number, you can contact them using the contact page on their official website.

SEWA customer service number: +971 6 528 8888

Contact page:

I installed the SEWA Smart App on my cellphone, but I can’t access my account

For utilizing all features in the SWA app, you must be a registered user in SEWA e-services. If you are not a registered user, create an account and try again.

Can I pay SEWA bill by credit card?

Yes, you can make online bill payment on SEWA e-services online using credit and debit cards.


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