PECO Bill Pay Online Guide

This is a detailed guide to do PECO bill pay online. Quick-One time-Guest Pay Philadelphia Electric Company bill without login using official website :

Philadelphia Electric Company – PECO, was founded in 1881 is now  part of Exelon Corporation. PECO is an energy company operates in Pennsylvania, provides natural gas to over 500000 customers and electricity to about 1.6 million customers.

PECO Bill Pay Online – One Time Pay / Quick Pay / Pay as Guest without Login

Official website of Philadelphia Electric Company – provides a one time pay / quick pay facility to pay PECO bill online without registering and logging in. This is the easiest method to pay PECO bill online. Only details you have to keep in mind to do PECO pay as guest are,

  • Your phone number
  • Your PECO account number

1)  Follow below link to visit Pay as Guest page of PECO official website.

Go to Quick/One Time/Guest pay 


PECO Bill Pay


First of all, to make PECO bill pay online, you have to enter your phone number and account number. This is for verifying your account.

2) After filling up account number and phone number, click Continue.


PECO Online Bill Payment


You can now see your payment amount, you can change the amount if you want from here. To continue with PECO online bill payment, you have to select a payment method. Available payment methods in Philadelphia Electric Company pay as guest are,

  • Pay using bank account
  • Pay using credit/debit card

3) For selecting your payment method, click + Enter payment Method.

Above said methods will be displayed as a list, select the payment method you want to use from that list.

PECO Bill Payment Online Using Bank Account

For using this method, select Bank account from payment methods list.


PECO Bill Pay Add Bank Account

A new pop up window will be displayed. You have to fill up your bank account details here to make bill payment online using bank account. After filling up bank details, click Continue.


Philadelphia Electric Company Bill Payment using Credit/Debit Card

For paying PECO bill using credit/debit card, select Credit/Debit Card from payment methods list.


PECO Pay Bill Online Add Card

Fill up your card details and click Continue.


4) After selecting your payment method, click Continue.

You will be redirected to payment page of your selected payment method. You can finalize the payment from there.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is paying PECO bill online safe?

You don’t need to worry about safety on internet as long as you use official website of PECO or any other reputed online bill pay services for making your payment. Here, in this guide, we use official website of PECO — is used as an example. There is no need to worry about anything if you use official website.

How can I pay utility bills such as PECO bill online without logging in to my account?

Some utility companies offer online guest bill payment service giving a nick name “quick pay” or “easy pay”. You can use this service for paying PECO bill without logging in to your account.  You can always register your account with PECO and make the payment after logging in to your account. URLs for registering your account and logging in are given below.

Is a computer necessary for making utility payment  online?

Not at all, you can use your mobile phone or tablet for making online utility bill payment. Some companies provide mobile apps also for managing account.

I have trouble logging in, what do I do ?

Do not worry, there will be a link in the login page to reset your password. Use that to reset your password, if does not help, you can contact PECO customer care.

My payment failed, what is the next step ?

It happens, there are various reasons behind that, first of all, check your bank account or credit card statement whichever method you use to make payment. If the money is debited, check your bill payment status. If it showing unpaid, contact customer service. Customer service details are given below.

PECO customer servicet number : 1-800-494-4000

If you need any additional assistance, just visit PECO Contact Page.


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