Erie Insurance One Time Payment Online | Erie Pay My Bill Guide

This is a detailed guide to do Erie Insurance Payment online using one-time pay without login through the official website:

Erie Insurance Company is one of the well-known insurance companies in the United States.  Headquartered at Pennsylvania, they offer home, auto, commercial and life insurance. They provide their service through a wide network of independent insurance agents. Fortune magazine ranked them 378th among the largest public U.S. companies in terms of revenue.

Erie Insurance Bill Payment – One Time Payment Without Logging In

The Company provides a one-time payment facility on their website. Policyholders can use this method for making payment without registering or logging in.

1) Follow the below link to visit the One-time payment page of the official website.

Go to Erie Insurance one-time payment page

Erie Insurance Payment
Screenshot credit:

This is a screenshot of one-time payment page. For making payment, you should fill up your policy/account billing number and your ZIP code.

2) After filling up billing number and ZIP code, click Continue.

On the next page, you can see your minimum due amount and due date. You can make extra payments also, for this, take a look at the drop-down list marked (1) in the screenshot. In that list, you can select either,

  • Your minimum due amount
  • Your total due amount
  • Different amount

For making an advance payment, select different amount and type the amount there.

Payment methods

There are three methods available. They are,

  • Checking account
  • Card
  • Savings

You can select your payment method from here.

E-mail address

This is optional, but if you fill this up you will get a payment confirmation via email after successful completion of the payment.

3) After filling up all the necessary details, click Continue.

You will be redirected to the payment page of the payment method you have selected earlier. You can finalize your payment there. If you filled up your e-mail address, you will get a payment confirmation e-mail after completing payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Erie insurance customer care?

You can contact Erie insurance customer care either by using their website or by calling their customer service number.

Customer service phone number: (800) 367-3743

Contact page:

How do I make changes to a payment or cancel a payment?

You cannot make changes or cancel the payment that is already done. For this, you have to contact Erie customer service after making the payment.

Where can I pay my Erie insurance bill?

Apart from one-time online payment, you can make the payment by phone, by person or by mail.

Can I schedule Erie insurance bill payments?

Yes, you can schedule payments by signing up in any of the automatic payment options available with Erie insurance. Available options are,

  • Automatic Payments
  • ERIExpressPay
  • Chek Matic

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