CenturyLink Pay Bill Online | Centurylink Quick Pay Guide

This is a detailed guide to do CenturyLink pay bill online. Centurylink quick bill pay – one time, guest payment without signing in using www.centurylink.com/paybill

CenturyLink is one of the biggest communications provider in the world. They have their service in almost every major country. The company was found in the 1930’s and their headquarters is in Monroe, Louisiana. Their services include communications, security, cloud and voice services.

Centurylink Online One-Time Bill Payment Without Logging In

You can pay your bill online or offline. For online bill payment, there are two options.

  1. Bill pay online after logging in to your account in “My Centurylink”
  2. Quick bill payment without signing in.

Quick pay is the easiest and fastest method for online bill payment. You can make the payment without registering an account and logging in.

1) Follow below link to visit quick bill payment page

Go to Centurylink Quick Pay

Centurylink Pay Bill
Screenshot credit: https://eam.centurylink.com/eam/qbp/identify.do

To proceed with bill payment, you need to fill up your account number or phone number on this page.

2) After filling up your phone/account number click Next.

You will be asked for your billing zip code, this is for confirmation.

3) Click Next to continue with bill payment.

You can view your current due amount and payment due date on the next page. You should select a payment method from available two from this page.

Centurylink Quick Bill Payment with bank account

For making payment through bank account, click this option. You will be redirected to another page asking for information about your bank account.

You can use your checking/savings account for making payment. For selecting your account type, click on the drop-down list labeled “Method of payment” on the right side. If you want to change the amount you want to pay, you can do it also from here. There is no additional fee for making payment using a bank account.

Centurylink Quick Pay using Credit/Debit Card

There is a convenience fee of $3.50 for making payment using this service.  For making payment you have to fill up your credit/debit card details such as card number. expiration date etc on this page.

4) After selecting the payment method you want to use and filling up all the required information, click Next.

You will be redirected to another page, which is the payment page of the payment method you have selected earlier. You can finalize the bill payment transaction from that page.

Frequently asked questions

How do I contact Centurylink customer service?

You can contact Centurylink customer service using the contact page on their website or by calling customer service number: 080661 63301

Is it safe to pay my Centurylink bill online?

Yes, it is safe. There is no need to worry about safety on the internet as long as you use the official website of Centurylink for making your payment.

Can I pay my Centurylink bill in person?

Yes, you can pay your bill in person at any of the payment partners of Centurylink. You can use this link to find a payment partner near you.

How do I cancel a CenturyLink payment?

You cannot cancel your payment by yourself once it is done. To cancel or make changes to a payment, you need to contact their customer service.

What payment methods does Centurylink accept?

You can pay your Centurylink bill using your credit card/debit card and bank account.

How can I pay my Centurylink bill without logging in to my account?

Some companies offer online guest bill payment service giving a nickname “quick pay” or “easy pay” or “one-time pay”. Centurylink also has the same service. You can use this service for paying your bill without logging in to your account.  You can always register your account and make the payment after logging in to your account. URLs for registering your account and logging in are given below.

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