8 Ways to Lower Your Cell Phone Bill and Save Money in 2020

Cellphones are everywhere, everyone has one, isn’t it right? and everyone is paying money for it monthly. Do you ever think about saving money on your mobile phone bill? It is possible to lower your cell phone bill if you choose the right plan and operator and use it wisely. Let’s discuss some money saving techniques.

Choose the right plan to lower your cell phone bill

Choosing the right plan is the primary thing you have to do to save money on your mobile phone bill. If you are not making so many outgoing calls, never use an unlimited calling plan which is more expensive than prepaid plans. On the other hand, if you have to make so many outgoing calls and you are using a prepaid plan, it will be too small for your needs and it will make the phone calls expensive.

Do some research and choose the right carrier

Do you think your current operator charges you more? Then why are you sticking on it? There are so many operators out there, do a simple research and comparison. All cellular operators list their available offers on their websites. Go through the websites of all cellular operators and make a list of plans they are offering which are close to your needs.

  • Search reviews websites, read every review of cellular operators and plans and narrow down the list you have prepared.
  • Ask others’ opinion about the plans offered by different cellular operators using Reddit and Quora. Analyze every answer and again, narrow down your list.
  • Discuss it with your friends, they will surely be able to help to narrow down your list.
  • At last, take a final decision and change your carrier based on your research.

Use closed user group (CUG) plan

Closed user group plan is another idea to reduce your mobile phone bill.  Many cellular operators offer plans to make calls between the CUG members for free.

  • Analyze your call history and find the people you frequently contact and make a list.
  • Pick the ones from the list who uses the cellular carrier the same as you.
  • Ask them about the opinion about creating a CUG
  • Contact the customer service of your mobile operator and ask them to make a CUG with the selected numbers.

Use VoIP more to save money on mobile phone bill

If you are using a data plan, make use of it to make the phone calls too. Use messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber to make your phone calls. It will surely lower your cell phone bill.

Use text messaging to save money and time

Suppose, you want to inform a group of people a particular thing. Why waste your time and money by calling them? Instead of calling, you can send multiple people the same message instantly. You can save your time also by using this method.

Use autopay and paperless billing

Autopay is an arrangement of the cellular operator with the customer to take the monthly bill amount automatically from the customer’s credit/debit card or bank account. Companies offer discounts for people who enroll in autopay. If your present cell operator offering an autopay discount, you can avail it by enrolling in the autopay program.

Switch to another carrier

You don’t have to stick on to a single carrier all the time. Sometimes, due to competition, cellphone operators announce so many offers to attract customers. If another carrier offers a good deal, do not hesitate to switch to them. As long as you can keep your number, there is no problem in switching between carriers.

Do some negotiation

Call the customer service of your cellular operator and ask them to connect to retention executive. Tell him that your planning to switch your connection to another operator which offers cheaper plans. If you are a long-term customer of your present operator, he will surely make an offer to keep you in their network.

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