Batelco Postpaid Quick Pay Online Without Logging in [How to]

Bahrain Telecommunications Company – Batelco is the principal telecom company in Bahrain. It was founded in the year 1981. They provide cellular service, ADSL, and FTTH in the Kingdom of Bahrain. This is a guide to quick-pay Batelco bills online without logging in.

Batelco Quick Pay – Pay Batelco postpaid bill online without logging in

For paying your Batelco postpaid bill, you can use their official website as well as some third-party websites and apps. Using the official Batelco website is the easiest way to make the payment. For this, first of all, follow the below link to visit the quick pay page.

Go to Batelco Quick Pay

On the quick payment page,

  • Type your telephone number and the amount you want to pay.
  • Type the security code
  • Select the payment method

There are two payment methods available.

  1. Debit card
  2. Credit card

You can select the payment method you wish to use to make the payment by clicking on it.



After clicking on the payment method button, a confirmation window will appear. If you want to proceed with payment, click on the Pay button.


On the next page, fill in your card details such as card number, expiry date, security code, etc. After that, click Pay to proceed with payment.

It will redirect you to the payment page of the card, you can finalize the payment there.


Batelco Prepaid Quick Refill – Refill your prepaid number without signing in

The procedure for Batelco quick refill is almost the same as quick bill payment. But the page for the quick refill is different. You can visit the quick refill page using the below link.

Go to Batelco Quick Refill

Both quick pay and quick refill pages look the same. You can refill your prepaid number by following the same procedure of quick postpaid payment.

How can I check my Batelco postpaid bill?

You can check your postpaid bill and prepaid balance details quickly by dialing *888#.



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